DO’s and DON’Ts of Photography

Let’s dive into TOP DO’s and DON’Ts of funny and inspiring Photography Tips & Tricks for 2024.

  1. DO: Treat your camera like a treasure. 🏴‍☠️💎
    DON’T: Forget where you buried it.
  2. DO: Embrace the Golden Hour for those perfect shots. 🌅✨
    DON’T: Accidentally start a neighborhood watch panic because you’re lurking around with a camera at dawn.
  3. DO: Use a tripod for stability. 📷👌
    DON’T: Use it as a makeshift lightsaber during a photoshoot. (It’s all fun and games until someone’s light meter gets knocked out!)
  4. DO: Check your lens cap before shooting. 🔍
    DON’T: Spend 30 minutes wondering why all your shots are coming out black.
  5. DO: Experiment with different angles for unique perspectives. 📐
    DON’T: Lie down in a puddle for that ‘perfect reflection shot’ unless you’re okay with becoming a human sponge.
  6. DO: Keep extra batteries charged for long shoots. 🔋
    DON’T: Mix them up with the TV remote’s. (Your camera won’t appreciate channel surfing.)
  7. DO: Capture candid moments for authenticity. 🕵️‍♀️
    DON’T: Get so stealthy that you’re mistaken for a spy.
  8. DO: Regularly clean your camera gear. 🧼
    DON’T: Consider a trip through the car wash a viable cleaning method.
  9. DO: Use a lens hood to prevent lens flare. ☀️
    DON’T: Use it as a coffee cup holder. (Tempting, but no.)
  10. DO: Have fun and let your creativity flow! 🎨
    DON’T: Forget why you started photography in the first place. (Hint: It wasn’t for the fame and glory of battling with Photoshop at 2 AM.)
  11. DO: Capture the beauty of nature. 🌲🌺
    DON’T: Get so involved that you become part of a “Missing Photographer” poster.
  12. DO: Use the rule of thirds for balanced compositions. 🖼️
    DON’T: Use the rule of “thirds, fourths, and fifths” because you can’t decide on a crop.
  13. DO: Backup your photos regularly. 💾
    DON’T: Trust a carrier pigeon with your memory cards. No matter how smart it looks.
  14. DO: Learn how to use manual mode for full control. 🎚️
    DON’T: Forget which way is up on the exposure dial and accidentally create a series of abstract whiteouts.
  15. DO: Be patient when waiting for the perfect shot. 🕰️
    DON’T: Start a new life in the wilderness because you’ve been waiting for that deer to reappear for three weeks.
  16. DO: Try black and white photography for a classic look. 🎞️
    DON’T: Think that shooting only in B&W makes you an instant ‘artiste’.
  17. DO: Invest in a good camera bag. 🎒
    DON’T: Use your old gym bag. Your camera won’t appreciate the eau de sweat.
  18. DO: Take photos in RAW for better editing. 🖥️
    DON’T: Show up to a photoshoot with a turkey and expect it to pose. Wrong kind of raw.
  19. DO: Get insurance for your gear. 🛡️
    DON’T: Test its limits by ‘accidentally’ dropping your camera off a bridge.
  20. DO: Attend photography workshops and courses. 🏫
    DON’T: Assume you’re a pro after watching a 5-minute YouTube tutorial.
  21. DO: Keep an eye on the weather for outdoor shoots. ☀️🌧️
    DON’T: Blame the weather app for your decision to shoot a beach sunset during a thunderstorm.
  22. DO: Learn how to post-process your photos. 🖌️
    DON’T: Go overboard with filters until your subjects look like they’re from another planet.
  23. DO: Take plenty of candid shots at events. 🎉
    DON’T: Snap shots of guests mid-bite – not everyone appreciates the ‘zombie-eating’ look.
  24. DO: Experiment with different lighting setups. 💡
    DON’T: Use the flashlight function on your phone and call it ‘innovative studio lighting’.
  25. DO: Pay attention to photo composition. 📐
    DON’T: Get so obsessed that you start rearranging strangers’ dinners for the ‘perfect table shot’.
  26. DO: Respect your model’s comfort and boundaries during a shoot. 🤝
    DON’T: Direct them like you’re a Hollywood director shooting an epic. “More emotion! Now, pretend you’re a tree!”
  27. DO: Capture motion with slower shutter speeds. 🐢
    DON’T: Tell moving subjects to “freeze” for a minute straight.
  28. DO: Keep your camera’s firmware updated. 🔄
    DON’T: Think that hitting your camera a little will ‘update’ it to work better.
  29. DO: Share your work with friends and online communities. 🌍
    DON’T: Get so desperate for likes that you start hashtagging #CuteCats on your landscape shots.
  30. DO: Bring your own perspective to each photo. 👀
    DON’T: Lay on the ground in public places so often that people start recognizing you as ‘that floor photographer’.
  31. DO: Celebrate your progress and unique style. 🎊
    DON’T: Forget that every great photographer started with a ‘what does this button do?’ moment.
  32. DO: Keep your lenses clean for the best quality. 🧼🔍
    DON’T: Use your shirt, especially if you’ve just eaten a powdered donut.
  33. DO: Research and plan your photoshoots. 📝
    DON’T: Show up at a wildlife shoot and ask where to plug in your studio lights.
  34. DO: Be mindful of your surroundings when shooting in public. 🏙️
    DON’T: Accidentally become a traffic hazard because you’re chasing the perfect street shot.
  35. DO: Enjoy the process of capturing and creating images. 😊
    DON’T: Forget to actually take the lens cap off. Yes, it happens to the best of us!
  36. DO: Praise the sun for that perfect natural lighting. 🌞
    DON’T: Start a sun worship dance mid-shoot. It scares the locals.
  37. DO: Experiment with shadows for dramatic effects. 🖤
    DON’T: Get spooked by your own shadow and drop your camera. Yes, this happens.
  38. DO: Capture the beauty in the ordinary. 🌼
    DON’T: Get caught photographing your neighbor’s lawn gnome collection. It’s weird, Karen.
  39. DO: Master the art of the selfie with your DSLR. 🤳
    DON’T: Use a selfie stick so long it needs its own zip code.
  40. DO: Invest in a good quality camera strap. 💪
    DON’T: Use a shoelace because you thought it looked ‘vintage’.
  41. DO: Take action shots at sports events. 🏈
    DON’T: Get so close you become part of the game. Concussions are not fun.
  42. DO: Keep your batteries warm in cold weather for longer life. 🔋
    DON’T: Tuck them into a tiny bed with a mini blanket. It’s cute but unnecessary.
  43. DO: Capture the emotion in your photographs. 💖
    DON’T: Make your models laugh so hard they can’t pose properly. Or do, it’s actually pretty fun.
  44. DO: Always have a backup plan for your shoot. 🔄
    DON’T: Consider ‘winging it’ a backup plan. Your camera doesn’t have wings.
  45. DO: Use burst mode for fast action shots. 📸
    DON’T: Get startled by the sound and drop your camera. It’s not gunfire, promise.
  46. DO: Keep an eye on your histogram for balanced exposures. 📊
    DON’T: Stare at it so long you start seeing it in your sleep.
  47. DO: Capture the world from a bird’s-eye view with drone photography. 🚁
    DON’T: Fly it through a wedding cake. It’s not the kind of ‘cutting the cake’ shot people want.
  48. DO: Practice portrait photography with friends. 👥
    DON’T: Make them hold uncomfortable poses so long they question your friendship.
  49. DO: Use props to enhance your photos. 🎩
    DON’T: Turn every shoot into a full-scale Broadway production. Save the drama for the stage.
  50. DO: Enjoy the journey of becoming a better photographer. 🌟
    DON’T: Forget to take off the lens cap. It’s a classic, but it gets old real fast.

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